Bank of America’s Money Changing Service

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So I found out about a service at Bank of America today whereby you can order foreign currencies for a shipping fee of $7 and at a pretty favorable currency conversion rate. I ordered 3,000 Euros at a cost of $4303.67. The conversion rate was 1.43455750 for 1 Euro.While I realize I may be overdoing it for a two week vacation, the Euro is an increasingly good investment so I am fine with holding it upon return stateside.

As most know, the very worst place to change money is the airport, where you can expect to be raped on the fees. I have never felt comfortable going to a foreign country with no local currency, it just seems like a bad idea. Not everyone is going to take credit cards and some places have a surcharge for them, plus its good to have currency around to tip waiters, bell boys, etc. Plus, what if the bank locks down my credit or debit card – for my own security, of course? That could present a problem with hotel bills and such. Always best to have enough to cover the basics in cash to use if you have to.

This is an useful service, I did not know that Bank of America did this until today, but I think its useful information hence why I am passing it on to you here.


Wow, Just Narrowly Missed a Disaster

Posted in All Posts, Amsterdam, Europe, The Netherlands on February 28, 2010 by Keith

Folks at the Amistad are proving themselves to be worthwhile already, it would appear. I originally told them that I wanted to stay July 22 through August 04, which was all centered around the dates of Amsterdam Gay Pride. Well, come to find out, the website I was looking at and got the dates from still had last year’s schedule up – when the folks at Amistad noticed it and e-mailed me to let me know that something didn’t seem quite right with my dates. Whoops! Thankfully, they caught this – Amsterdam Pride is August 4th through 9th. I would have been pretty damned pissed if I got over there and found out that I missed the event! Thanks, Mike!

Welcome to My New Travel Site

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So I have decided to launch  a blog separate from my main one to focus solely on vacation and travel. I decided to do this because my other blog is quite political and can be a bit of a bore to read if all you want to find is the travel stuff. I travel enough to warrant a separate blog for it, so hey, why the hell not?

I go lots of interesting places and I love to travel. If not for the ability to travel and see new and wonderful things, I would have hung it up a long time ago. Travel is the ability to create and shape your own world, it is what allows us to cheat fate and make our lives our own. We make our own happiness and luck (or lack of it, as the case may be) in life and travel is one of the main ways I make mine.

Care to join me? Wondering where I am headed in the future? Check out my Destinations page. If you’d like to see where I have been, just look to the right under My Travels Past. I give lots of advice on travel for free on my Resources page, such as what tour operators and travel services are worth fooling around with and which are a waste of time.

I cover both foreign and domestic travel here. Some areas I have visited many times, while others I have visited only once. Some areas I will return to, others I’ll never touch again. Before I meet my demise – however it may come about – I would like to have traveled to and set foot in every country on earth. An ambitious goal indeed, and I am quite a bit behind.

So lets get started, shall we?